A Story about Hummingbird

Once upon a time, there was a forest fire.  All the animals fled to safety by the banks of the river.  Some watched, mesmerised, seeing their home burn.  Others turned away, unable to bear the sight.  But Hummingbird went down to the river and filled her tiny beak with water.  She flew back towards the forest, and let her drop fall.  Even when the other animals laughed at her, she carried on flying, taking drop after tiny drop to put out the fire. When they asked what she was doing, she replied simply, ‘I’m doing what I can.’

A beautiful drop

Hummingbird – tiny, brave and dazzling – represents the highest vibration of art, beauty and service.  The Hummingbird Lodge is a small enterprise – one woman’s contribution to changing the world through the vibration of beauty and loving compassion.

Sacred Spaces

Under Hummingbird’s wing are both a cosy cabin in my East Oxford garden, where shamanic healing and small groups take place, as well as a yurt in rural West Oxfordshire, a place of sanctuary amongst the soft fields, ancient woodland and sacred wells.  Both of these places are dedicated to the Divine Feminine, my source of strength and healing.   Rather than being a big retreat centre, these small spaces fit into the niches of urban living, offering small drops of deep refreshment for people to catch in the midst of the daily round.


The Hummingbird Lodge also offers her vibration through audio transmissions, accessible from anywhere in the world.  Tune in for meditations, chants and practices.