“My time with Jackie was hugely nourishing and grounding. In each session, I felt I was in safe and healing hands and never failed to benefit from her wisdom and insight. She drew on ancient wisdom and strong sense of intuition to help me build strength and confidence in myself. I have gained skills and practices to continue the work we did together now our sessions have come to an end. Thank you for a wonderful healing experience.”

“I found your work hugely uplifting. Very powerful yet gentle. At times you were using all of yourself and at others you were embodying the archetypal wise woman, and even while singing and warming my feet it felt like you were embodying a very, very real divine mother. With your support, I found it easy to go beyond my day to day senses and I was able to get in touch with visions and images connecting me with ancestors who wanted to help and encourage me. The fact that you encouraged me to name these experiences gave the healing a co-creative power, and has given me some resources to turn to when I’m needing to recharge on a daily basis.”

“Jackie facilitates with great sensitivity, creativity and attentiveness. She is a superb listener, and I felt her hand guide me on a journey. She is able to create and hold an atmosphere that invites deepening awareness and a more profound connection with the subconscious”

“Jackie knows exactly what you need. But she doesn’t just give it to you, she shows you how to find it yourself, and that is where the true healing lies. So much has shifted for me in a short space of time. It’s quite astonishing.”

“Jackie  has connected with me in a very grounded way and has catalysed so much transformation in me. It’s feels very simple – having the grounded presence of somebody who is able to be with me where I am, exactly where I am, without pushing or forcing any change. That level of love and acceptance is so necessary in a therapist and Jackie holds that vibration very well. She has given me practices that have really helped me and that have tied in with practics that I have done in the past. She is also very connected with an energy of Beauty, in her singing and her creation of rituals, which filtered through to me very clearly and beautifully. The same is true for her connection with the Sacred, which weaved in and out of our interactions. To the extent that you are able to surrender and ask for support, Jackie is able to hold the space for transformation with respect, love, and a nice solid no nonsense attitude.”

“Weird as f**k.  But it works.”