looking up into a tree

looking up into a tree

Yin Power

We tend to think of power as something we can wield over others, or something that is used to control us.  There is another kind of power, which comes from within.  This strength, Yin power, is generative and healing, holds space without asserting itself.  Women are the natural receptacles of Yin, our wombs a place of visionary potential. However, for so long this beautiful, natural, creative power has been abused, belittled or neglected, we barely know what it is anymore.  And as it has been abused, so the natural world has been carved up, mined, tunnelled, poisoned and sold for profit.  These things are not unconnected.

It is time for change

Those of us who are alive at this time of intense challenge to the earth’s systems bear a special responsibility to respond.  The good news is that we don’t have to do this on our own.  Help is available, and with this help the work is light and joyful.  The Great Council of Grandmothers calls us to work with them and receive their Empowerment.  Meanwhile, from the indigenous women of the Amazon Rainforest comes a ritual for cleansing and re-energising the womb: the Rite of the Womb.  I have been privileged to receive both of these Rites and I am honoured to pass them on to others who feel called to receive them.  Once you have received the transmission, you can pass them on too.  There is no charge for this sacred service, although donations are gratefully received to cover costs.

Embodying the Goddess

For women who are ready for a deep dive into an experience of this power, I offer Embodying the Goddess – a nine-part transformational course for women, which includes the Rite of the Womb for those who wish to receive it.