“When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal.” Hopi prophecy

Grandmothers are important to me as spiritual guides, who oversee all my healing work.  I have also been wonderfully helped and inspired by the work of Sharon McErlane, who has written several books about her encounters with the Great Council of Grandmothers.  Sharon had an encounter with a group of grandmothers from many tribes – a kind of vision – when she was out walking her dog in 1996.  She learned how to journey to them, and wrote down the things they told her, such as:

“For too long Yang or masculine energy, has dominated life on earth, causing feminine energy to become deficient and weak. We have come to restore Yin to full beauty/power and return the world to balance. We are calling you to this work.”

“The Net of Light supports everything in the Universe and will hold the earth steady during the times of change that are upon you now. Work with the radiant Net, to support life.”

This resonated so strongly with me that I joined the network of people learning and teaching together to spread their message.  Today over 200 groups meet worldwide to connect with the Grandmothers and work with the Net of Light.

I am currently a ‘beacon’ for this work in Oxford.  I run occasional meditations, either in-person or online, where anyone can come to learn more about the Grandmothers, and receive their Empowerment, a transmission of love and protection that is passed on from person to person.

Although the work is of special importance for women, some men also feel called to be part of it, and are welcome.  There is no charge for this work, but donations are gratefully received to help pay for costs such as books, or travel to gatherings.

To find out more about our Oxford group, please contact me.

For more about the international network, Sharon’s books and teaching, please see www.netoflight.org.