More and more people are finding that the world doesn’t offer a straightforward career path, or that their gifts don’t seem to fit the available openings. This can be intensely frustrating – or a great opportunity to do things differently!

What if you could vision your ideal future, take into account your limitations, and then design a pathway to bring your dream into reality? That would be great for you, and it would also be great for the world, which needs your unique voice, and your authentic heart and being.

If you embark on a course of Creative Pathfinding, I will hold a space for you to enquire into your real calling, and help you design practical routes towards making this more possible. I will also support you through the inevitable fears and wobbles along the way, and help you notice and celebrate your successes.

This work is based on visioning, using creativity to access inner guidance, together with tools learned from the Permaculture community, particularly Looby Macnamara’s Design Web and Cultural Emergence.

“From deep within your blessing flows
You are the source of what you know”
Jackie Singer song lyric

An initial session lasts one hour and costs £50.
After that, we can design a series of sessions or phone calls over a period of time to suit you.

I am also happy to work with a small group.

To discuss whether this might be for you, please email me

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