alltar showing candle

alltar showing candle

“During the whole session I felt very held and heard and then
deeply nurtured physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Leah

People come for healing for all kinds of reasons, including:

– Feeling gloomy, depressed, ill at ease, stuck or lacking direction
– Experiencing anxiety and insomnia
– Needing to move on from a relationship
– Infertility or a lack of creative drive
– After a miscarriage or termination (however long ago)
– Preparation for pregnancy or birth
– Blessings on any kind of transition

If you come to me for a one-to-one session, I will ask questions about what is going on for you. When I feel we have reached some clarity about the main work to be done at this time, I will invite you to lie on a couch, fully clothed, with a blanket over you. Then I create sacred space, using my rattle and singing to call in my guides and helpers from the four directions, above and below. If you wish to call on any spiritual helpers or ancestors, we include them too.

Then the work begins to unfold. Together we search for the roots of what is troubling you, and then gently, powerfully, we follow a process of releasing heavy, or blocked energy and bringing in radiant light and blessing in its place. I am guided by your feedback, as well as my inner listening. My tools are my voice, stones and fire, sage and feathers, rattle and drum. I draw on techniques from the ancient South American Shamanic tradition in which I have trained, as well as my own intuition, following the flow of what is happening in the moment.

Some people see images or receive insights while we work. Others experience strong sensations. The depth that we go to depends a great deal on what you are ready to release and receive. Sometimes this means going back to acknowledge wounding received in the past, or at the ancestral level.

Healing in sacred space is dedicated to the benefit of all beings, and can bring unexpected benefits to a whole family constellation. I see individual healing as part of the ‘Great Turning’ which sets our planet on a course towards greater compassion and consciousness.

The work takes place in a specially dedicated cabin in the garden of my East Oxford home.
A session is usually 90 minutes, and costs £75.
I usually suggest follow up practices to help you integrate the changes fully into your life.

To find out more or to book a session,
please contact me by email.

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