Each month I hold a space for exploring the teachings of the Great Council of Grandmothers.  It is alternately on a Monday or a Wednesday morning, and either at my cabin, or at another Oxford venue.

What we do:

  • Casting the Net of Light – being part of the radiant whole, and directing the light to people and places who need it.
  • Meditation on the Tree of Life – strengthening ourselves through a felt sense of how we are connected to all things
  • Journeying within the Circle of Stones – a simple way to connect with guidance from the Grandmothers
  • The Empowerment Ceremony – a direct transmission to connect you with the Grandmothers. (Once you have received this, you can pass it on!)
  • Singing together (I have written many chants which carry the Grandmothers’ vibration)
  • Eating together (We often have a bring and share lunch)

If you are interested in coming to the Oxford meditations, please contact me for all the dates and details.

There is no charge for this work, although donations are welcome towards costs and to support the group with books / travel expenses.

For more information about the Net of Light and the Great Council of Grandmothers, or to find a beacon in your area, please see netoflight.org.