Birthrites Book (Signed copy)


Birthrites contains practical support, ideas and inspiration for anyone seeking to create ceremonies for themselves or their communities to help navigate the territory of fertility, birth and beyond.  It is of special use for doulas and midwives.

Published by  Permanent Publications, with illustrations by Imogen Oxley.

Reviews: “A special book.  Even just reading it through is good for the soul.” Lucy Pearce, author

“Jackie’s writing on our need for ceremony is eloquent, wise and clear. ” Sue Gill, author and celebrant

A refreshing and inspiring approach to how we celebrate key moments as our children grow up. It is an inclusive and easy to read book that can be used by a wide variety of families. In an inspiring way Jackie encourages new parents and parents-to-be to include rituals in their lives to mark the joyous or sad occasions that accompany the bringing up of children. A book to keep, treasure and visit to enrich family life. –Richard Barnett, Ethical Pulse



Birthrites: Rituals and Celebrations for the Child-bearing Years £12.95   Also available as an ebook.