Jackie Singer

“A timeless song, a gift from the ancestors,
sung through Jackie to nurture, to hold, to remember.”

Jan from Hebden Bridge

When I work as a Shamanic Practitioner, I often end a session by singing to a person. In this quiet space after the healing work is done, there is a sense of calm and wellbeing, and the song completes the work, bringing reassurance and love. Over time, I have come to realise that the song is itself a healing gift, a simple and profound way to bring a person back into alignment, and remind them of their original beauty.

We begin with a conversation about what is present for you in your life: what is flowing well, and where the challenges are. This information helps to guide me, but it is up to you how much you choose to share. Then you will lie down on a couch, fully clothed, under a blanket.

Next comes a gentle cleansing, encouraging you to relax and release tension. I might use a drum, a rattle, or a feather and some herbs. Then, I begin to sing, and tune into my spiritual guides, who will give me a song for you. The blessing songs come from a place of deep love and acceptance, which is universal, but they are also unique and personal. Sometimes they contain specific guidance to help you reconnect with yourself or your life’s purpose. It will be whatever you need.

A Song Blessing lasts about an hour, and costs £48.

Vouchers for Song Blessings can be purchased as a gift. A lovely birthday present, a gift for a new Mum, or just for someone who needs a little lift.

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