Grief and Gratitude – A Midwinter Ritual

There’s an old story that has been holding me through the last months of this ragged year:  a story of the Cailleach, otherwise known as the Hag, the Ancient One, Old Woman Herself.  It’s a story I learnt from the exceptional storyteller Tracy Chipman, but it feels like one I’ve always known in my bones.  If you’d like to get … Read More

‘Self Marriage’ – A Personal Ceremony

In this blog I’m delighted to introduce Holly, a creative young woman, who invited me to co-design and hold a personal ceremony of  ‘commitment to self’ last month.  This is her story, told in her words and mine. Holly: “In September, Jackie held a space for me to honour my relationship with myself.  It was a ceremony of self-love, self-reliance … Read More

An Urban River Ritual

Every first Friday of the month, whatever the weather, I pack my bags with fire-lighting materials, don wellies and warm woollies and head down to the end of Meadow Lane to await a small troupe of like-minded  folks, some carrying drums.  We hop over a five bar gate and walk down through a neglected water meadow to a spot that … Read More

A Divorce Ritual

This year in my work as a celebrant I have had the great pleasure of presiding over two weddings and a civil partnership, all joyful and memorable occasions, and relationships I have faith in. However, much as we want to believe in ‘happy ever after’, sometimes a relationship comes to an end, just as a life ends, and if this … Read More