A Storytelling Course

What does it take to be a storyteller?  Yesterday I was at a children’s centre with my freelance storytelling hat on.  I had prepared my stuff, but it still felt like a bit of blag to be paid money for sitting on a carpet with a bunch of under 5’s romping through The Gingerbread Man.  Then I sat with a reluctant member of staff, encouraging her to try to tell me what happens in the Billy Goats Gruff without looking at a book.  I met the wall of Fear and Resistance, and I thought, “I can’t teach her everything I know in 15 minutes.  This is a lifetime’s work!”  So storytelling sometimes feels like nothing, and it is something all of us can do, and do do every day.  Yet, what you can learn about it is endless.  What you need most of all is practise, and people who will listen.  Do you fancy having a go?  If so, read on . . .

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