Adventurous Mothering

Welcome to my new venture!

This blog is about entering deeply into the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives.  It’s also about what it means – as I experience it – to be alive in 2012, at this point in the evolution of humanity on an abundant yet fragile planet.  It is about the mother, and the Great Mother.  Beyond that, I don’t exactly know what it’s going to be about.  My intention is that I will not write it at the computer, but go out into the world, or the inner world, and come back with something.  So it is about trusting the flow.  It is about what inspires me, between the washing up and Bob the Builder.

This week, it was finding an image in the stonework of the South door at St Mary’s Church Iffley, of a horse-woman breastfeeding another horse-creature.

Who is this?  I love the combination of strength and adventure in the horse body, and nurture and blessing given at the breast.  If she is a goddess, I salute her; an image of the feminine I can aspire to.  The first time I looked I didn’t notice that the creature receiving the milk is not a child.  He or she (it looks female to me but this is not clear) seems to be running along too, receiving their nourishment on the hoof.  Amen to the support we give each other as we go to and fro on the school run, which I am about to do.

It reminds me of Mother Teresa’s beautiful phrase, which I am currently setting to music: “Love is a fruit in all seasons, in reach of every hand.”

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  1. Wow Jackie, that´s an amazing image! here´s to you discovering more wondrous stuff in and on our great mother.

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